Sabão Crá-Crá

Mamonas Assassinas Crá-Crá Soap

The Crá-Crá Soap, the newest official product from Mamonas Assassinas brand Don Alcides launches men’s intimate wash inspired on the “Sabão Crá-Crá” song. Another incredible novelty for nostalgic fans of the group Mamonas Assassinas. Don Alcides launched the Soap Crá-Crá, an men’s intimate wash that according to the manufacturer fulfills all functions described in the[…]

Capa do Livro do Mc Gui

MC Gui launches his biography

He is only 19, but has already collects a legion of fans wherever he goes. With more than 12 million tweens on his Facebook page, about 6.3 million followers on Instagram and overcoming 1.7 million followers on Twitter, the musician plunges social networks every time he posts something new for the “Guinatics” – as their[…]

Chilli Beans launches line with DJ Alok

Chilli Beans receives in all points of sale from Brazil, from February 20, its new collection with DJ Alok – considered the greatest Brazilian DJ, with great influence in the world scene of electronic music. The products will be available for a month and bring in their stems the inspiration in the genre Steampunk –[…]

Alok sunglasses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and Chilli Beans, after the sales success of the collection in partnership with Alok, relaunches the models that sold out in a month. The DJ also stars the campaign with his glasses on incredible photos. In addition to the options that were released in February, the brand announces the arrival of[…]

MC Gui launches line of party supplies

MC Gui turned 19 by launching a line of party supplies. The collections are inspired by his celebration party, and add a lot of glamor and fun. The official launch was held at the Expo Parks and Festas fair, where the artist attended his fans and shopkeepers of the segment. The project was carried out[…]

Mc Gui visits his booth in licensing Brazil

  Mc Gui showed up in his Stand booth at the Licensing Brazil Show. The fair was held on 30 and 31 August and Ispartner’s stand booth was a success! We were very glad to receive visits from Mc Fui, his fans, customers and partners. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year!