Licenciamento MC Mirella

Breakthrough in female funk, Mc Mirella, in less than a year, has a whopping 500 million views on YouTube and approximately 5.6 million followers on Instagram.

Irreverent, innovative in the visual and in its music, besides a unique beauty, it has been appearing in an absurd proportion in the musical scene.

Nicole Scherzinger, Shakira and Rihanna inspire the artist, who began as a model of music videos and was noticed by her entrepreneurs who invited Mirella to initiate her into a musical project.

Born and raised in Vila Prudente, she now lives alone, but she lived with her parents until she was 17 years old, from whom she got all the support to turn her dreams into reality.

Irreverent and with an indisputable communicative ability, makes Mc Mirella an event and an explosion of joy wherever she goes.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and Women, Youth and Adults


  • 5.6 Million Followers
  • + 5 Million Daily Impressions
  • 300+ likes per post
  • + 1 Million views per Story

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