KVRA Food Supplements

The most successful Brazilian brand in crossfit and jiu-jitsu launches a line of nutritional supplements.


KVRA in partnership with FORSTER has created its food supplement line with the launch of KVRA THERMO and KVRA TOXIC.

KVRA TOXIC has definitely come to change the pre-workout market and get you out of your comfort zone by going much further in your workout. Carefully formulated with caffeine, taurine, alanine, palatinose and all its ingredients, which for sure will be TOXIC.

KVRA THERMO is both a powerful fat burner and a great pre-workout, giving you energy and focus that your training lacked. Its highly concentrated formula with caffeine, taurine, L-carnitine, bitter orange extract and mix of diuretics, will make you feel the fat and the liquid retention leaving.

To learn more about the brand, comercial@ispartner.com.br