Alexandre Magno Abrão, better known as Chorão, was born on April 9, 1970, in Santos, São Paulo. From an early age, he demonstrated an undeniable passion for music and skateboarding. In 1992, he founded the band Charlie Brown Jr., which became one of the most influential and popular singers in the Brazilian music scene.

As a vocalist and lyricist, Chorão brought a unique authenticity to his songs. His lyrics touched on themes such as love, society, personal challenges, and a rebellious attitude, deeply connecting with fans. His charismatic voice and passionate stage presence became his trademark, and his musical style blended the energy of rock, reggae, rap, and skate punk.

His lyrics were known for being sincere, often conveying messages of authenticity, rebelliousness, and the importance of expressing oneself freely.

He left a lasting legacy in the Brazilian music scene, influencing multiple generations of musicians and continuing to attract fans with his unique sound.