The exhibition “Monet by the Water” is an immersive and multimedia experience that incorporates 2D and 3D visuals, immersive sound, and an original soundtrack.

The exhibition allows the audience to feel as if they are inside Monet’s paintings through projections on panels towering at seven meters in height.

The exhibition is divided into eight thematic groups: A Train Journey, Fields and Windmills, The Sea and Light, Lake Stroll, Architecture of Time, Snowy Horizon, Landscapes “en vert,” and Painted Flowers.

The spectacle highlights the painter’s relationship with water and his landscapes along the banks of rivers, seas, and lakes, from the Giverny garden in France to locations like London, Amsterdam, and Venice.

The exhibition also features an environment inspired by the artist’s studio, with interactive elements that help uncover the secrets behind the masterpieces of Impressionism.