Mc Gui visits his booth in licensing Brazil

  Mc Gui showed up in his Stand booth at the Licensing Brazil Show. The fair was held on 30 and 31 August and Ispartner’s stand booth was a success! We were very glad to receive visits from Mc Fui, his fans, customers and partners. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year!

Von Dutch launches line of Home Decor

  Von Dutch, the brand that has in its DNA the art of customization, launches its line of Home Decor. It is a line of exclusive products, with limited production and craftsmanship. They are decorative plates, collectible helmets and cans of recycled oils customized, with with several prints and drawings of differentiated Pinstripes. The project[…]

Von Dutch launches Eyewear line

Von Dutch, the brand that live the art and attitude of customization, launches in the Brazilian market its line of glasses. The models range from prescription to solar, with more than 200 options to suit all consumers. The launch at the Ajorsul fair in Gramado happens until 24-09. The project was carried out by the[…]