Ispartner´s CEO Luciana Vitorino on EP Grupo´s BATE-PAPO

  Ispartner is proud to share with you the interview of our CEO Luciana Vitorino on the BATE PAPO podcast by EP Grupo, one of the main content platforms about the licensing market in Brazil. In the chat, Luciana told a little about her professional career, Ispartner’s portfolio that includes brands such as ROTA 66,[…]

Charlie Brown Jr and Approve

  In celebration of Chorao’s 53rd birthday, Approve and Charlie Brown Jr have teamed up to create an exclusive line of clothing and accessories inspired by the musical and cultural legacy of the group from Santos. The collection features items with prints that refer to the lyrics, albums and symbols of the band of one[…]


Raul Seixas, one of the greatest icons of Brazilian rock, left an indelible mark on the history of music. With his musical genius, provocative lyrics, and authentic style, he became one of the most influential and beloved artists in Brazil. Born on June 28, 1945, in Salvador, Bahia, Raul Seixas embarked on his musical journey[…]


Alexandre Magno Abrão, better known as Chorão, was born on April 9, 1970, in Santos, São Paulo. From an early age, he demonstrated an undeniable passion for music and skateboarding. In 1992, he founded the band Charlie Brown Jr., which became one of the most influential and popular singers in the Brazilian music scene. As[…]


An Iconic Brand of Brazilian Rock The band Charlie Brown Jr. was formed in 1992 in the city of Santos and left a lasting impact with their authentic music, powerful lyrics, and rebellious attitude. They are known for their unique blend of rock, reggae, rap, and skate punk. With ten studio albums, three live albums,[…]

Hamburguer Day

Today is Burger Day and to celebrate the date, BlackRock Burguer & Beer created a special snack for the Mamonas Assassinas Band! Their meats are handcrafted 100% of the Angus breed, produced daily with an exclusive blend, which gives burgers a unique and differentiated taste! The coolest thing is that a percentage of the amount[…]

Sabão Crá-Crá

Mamonas Assassinas Crá-Crá Soap

The Crá-Crá Soap, the newest official product from Mamonas Assassinas brand Don Alcides launches men’s intimate wash inspired on the “Sabão Crá-Crá” song. Another incredible novelty for nostalgic fans of the group Mamonas Assassinas. Don Alcides launched the Soap Crá-Crá, an men’s intimate wash that according to the manufacturer fulfills all functions described in the[…]


Eight months. It took only eight months for the Rock band Mamonas Assassinas to enter into Brazilian history. His irreverent and funny songs won the mouth of the people, who filled the places where the band performed. There were more than 190 shows in 25 capitals of the country. The band of friends of Guarulhos[…]

Chilli Beans launches line with DJ Alok

Chilli Beans receives in all points of sale from Brazil, from February 20, its new collection with DJ Alok – considered the greatest Brazilian DJ, with great influence in the world scene of electronic music. The products will be available for a month and bring in their stems the inspiration in the genre Steampunk –[…]

Alok sunglasses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and Chilli Beans, after the sales success of the collection in partnership with Alok, relaunches the models that sold out in a month. The DJ also stars the campaign with his glasses on incredible photos. In addition to the options that were released in February, the brand announces the arrival of[…]