Hamburguer Day

Today is Burger Day and to celebrate the date, BlackRock Burguer & Beer created a special snack for the Mamonas Assassinas Band! Their meats are handcrafted 100% of the Angus breed, produced daily with an exclusive blend, which gives burgers a unique and differentiated taste! The coolest thing is that a percentage of the amount[…]

Sabão Crá-Crá

Mamonas Assassinas Crá-Crá Soap

The Crá-Crá Soap, the newest official product from Mamonas Assassinas brand Don Alcides launches men’s intimate wash inspired on the “Sabão Crá-Crá” song. Another incredible novelty for nostalgic fans of the group Mamonas Assassinas. Don Alcides launched the Soap Crá-Crá, an men’s intimate wash that according to the manufacturer fulfills all functions described in the[…]