Mamonas Assassinas Crá-Crá Soap

The Crá-Crá Soap, the newest official product from Mamonas Assassinas brand

Don Alcides launches men’s intimate wash inspired on the “Sabão Crá-Crá” song.

Sabão Crá-Crá

Another incredible novelty for nostalgic fans of the group Mamonas Assassinas. Don Alcides launched the Soap Crá-Crá, an men’s intimate wash that according to the manufacturer fulfills all functions described in the song (viral in the 90s) that inspired the product.

Don Alcides describes the product as an men’s intimate wash, fresh, that blends lemon grass, marigold, killer kernels, ginseng, mint, aloe vera and arnica montana. Besides perfuming, the olfactory pyramid of the Crá-Crá still generates a pleasant sensation of freshness in the intimate parts.

The company, which is already known for its extensive line of barber shops, expands its portfolio with the new line of products that comes with the growing search for men’s intimate health care products.

The product is already on the market at selected stores and in Don Alcides’ website of for only BRL 29.90.

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