Amapô Jeans

  Welcome Amapô Jeans! Famous for its impeccable modeling, the brand enriched the market with its bold and timeless design. It is a pleasure to inform you that Amapô Jeans is included in our licensing program portfolio.  

Upcoming: KVRA Run

  KVRA Run is here! There are more than 10 distance options to choose from! Best of all, you can run wherever you want! Just register on the site, run, record your time and distance and then wait for your medal at home! So, will you face this challenge?



KVRA was created in 2013 in the city of São Paulo and, since the beginning of its activities, it seeks to offer a wide catalog of garments and accessories aimed at the most diverse sports and styles, prioritizing comfort, quality and design giving customers a unique experience. KVRA believes that life can be much better[…]

Mr. Kitsch Licenciamento


In 2016 Mr. Kitsch celebrated 30 years of existence. Aimed at the male audience, the brand seeks to meet the needs and desires of consumers at all times of the day. The brand is consecrated in the line business and attends from the father to the son, being its logo of the coat of arms[…]

Petit Licenciamento


In 2009 the children’s fashion brand Petit Cherie was born with its products initially in wholesale malls in the Brazilian southern region and today, after an accelerated process of expansion, it serves the whole of Brazil with over 1,300 sales outlets in Brazil, and exports to Europe, Asia and the USA. The company has two[…]



The iconic ROUTE 66 The romance of ROUTE 66 continues to captivate people around the world. Running between Chicago and Los Angeles, “over two thousand miles all the way” in the words of the popular R&B anthem, this legendary old road passes through the heart of the United States on a diagonal trip that takes[…]

Von Dutch Licenciamento


Von Dutch brings in its style the art and rock ‘n’ roll attitude, inspired by the legendary Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard, an icon of the most rebellious years in history. Von Dutch carries one of the richest cultural legacies in history. Back to the roots, celebrating those who stand out for their authenticity. Focused on[…]

Yachtsman Licenciamento


Throughout its 27 years of existence, Yachtsman has gained a prominent position in men’s fashion scenario in Brazil. Associated with the nautical style, informal and exquisite, has its identity associated with the cosmopolitan lifestyle. With different lines, like, Business, Casual and Essential; reaches the same man at different times of his life! Audience: Male

Von Dutch’s IPA Beer

Von Dutch, branded with the essence of customization, has launched a Session Ipa beer with “exclusive blend”. If you’re driving do not drink, if you’re drinking listen to rock music. The project was developed by the Ispartner Agency. Information write to:

Von Dutch launches line of Home Decor

  Von Dutch, the brand that has in its DNA the art of customization, launches its line of Home Decor. It is a line of exclusive products, with limited production and craftsmanship. They are decorative plates, collectible helmets and cans of recycled oils customized, with with several prints and drawings of differentiated Pinstripes. The project[…]

Von Dutch launches Eyewear line

Von Dutch, the brand that live the art and attitude of customization, launches in the Brazilian market its line of glasses. The models range from prescription to solar, with more than 200 options to suit all consumers. The launch at the Ajorsul fair in Gramado happens until 24-09. The project was carried out by the[…]