KRVA and Jocker socks

KVRA is a brand of clothing and accessories for various sports and styles, that seeks to offer comfort, quality and design to its customers. The brand stands out for its colorful, fun and original pieces, that express the personality of those who wear them.

The sock brand Joker also follows this proposal, creating fun and colorful socks with various prints, ranging from movie and cartoon characters to animals and objects. Joker socks are made with high quality cotton and have a soft and comfortable touch.

Thinking of joining these two brands that have everything to do, KVRA and Joker came together to create an exclusive collection of socks, that bring the best of both worlds: the style and quality of KVRA with the fun and creativity of Joker.

The collection features several models of socks, that match different looks and occasions. You can choose between 3/4 socks, ankle socks or invisible socks, all with amazing prints that will make your look more cool and original.

The socks from the KVRA x Joker collection are available on the KVRA website and in the brand’s physical stores. Don’t miss this opportunity to guarantee your favorite socks from this incredible partnership!