Mamonas Assassinas in the Movie Cars Park

Who never had the dream of entering the iconic VW car, the Yellow Brasilia.


The successful astronomical group in Brazil and in the world, for about a year and a half, was against all the rules of being politically correct and of good neighborliness. Transcending time through music, the five boys from Guarulhos knew how to achieve originality.

And just like stars and comets, who have a stellar passage through Earth, the Mamonas Assassinas traced their own brilliance.

As an exclusive attraction in which the public can relate directly to the band’s only clip, “Pelados em Santos”, released in 1995, Movie Cars Entertainment features an identical replica of the most famous vehicle in the world. The yellow Volkswagen Brasilia, equipped with wheels from the “Gaúcha” brand, was not afraid to be what it really was: scrunchy! And Movie Cars was not afraid to dare, like the band, in the authenticity of the details and history of this car.



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